Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loosing wieght

I am still loosing. I have lost a total of 24 lbs. Yea me!! Some days it seems so slow but I look back and it really is coming off just right. I am so happy when a loose a new pound!

I have been buying clothes lately because I am being able to wear a size 14 again. Some 14's are still too tight but I fit snugly in most. It is fun not to HAVE to wear an 18 any more!!!

I am even getting used to eating right. I am doing better emotionally with it most of the time too. Being able to buy new (smaller) clothes has really helped.

I have been working at getting my house and yard cleaned up too. It seems the days I don't exercise but really work hard in and outside of my house I burn the most calories. Hows that loose weight AND get a clean house and yard!

Just a few more days until Zach, Manda and the boys come back to Arizona for a short visit, I can't wait!! I am so excited!!!

I got some other good news yesterday, Brent and I are going with our boss and his wife to Pittsburgh later this month! I love to travel and see new things and I am so excited to get more pictures for my I love this beautiful world our Heavenly Father gave us collection!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Food, Diet, Health Choices

Dieting has become my new normal. I don't hate it, or love it. I am ONLY eating right and exercising for one reason... because Joseph deserves to have a mommy in his life. I started a couple of months ago. I did really good for the first month, then I changed one of my meds and it messed my digestive system up and my weight loss (NOT my number one goal but VERY important to me) came to a complete stop for about 3 weeks. I also slipped into not so great habits while. My kind, supportive doctor was so pleased I had lost 8lbs. since my last visit and quickly changed my meds back to the outrageously expensive one that I didn't have any side effects on.
Now I feel like I am rambling... oh well it is MY blog.

I am ready to really hit the dieting/eating right again only even stronger. I have had a few off days or maybe they are just not my best days lately. But with my system feeling better and working the way it should I have lost another 1 lb. in the last week anyway.

I am kind of following the dash diet, the low sodium version and now I am ready to work on reducing my calories. The diet says to take things in steps... so first I got on the diet, not keeping track of calories but only eating things I should. I think that was the HARDEST part of the dieting so far. I cried more than I ate... booo, hooo.... waahhhh
I had no idea how emotional food was for me. I think I actually grieved for the things I couldn't eat any more.
Once I started eating right then I started exercising. Slow at first, then working my way up to 45 mins a day for about 5 days a week. I got so depressed from the one med that I really slowed down then got a really bad toothache that ended my exercising. I figure I will start my routine back at 30 mins a day on Monday. I also started the 3 meals 2 snacks a day routine. I have noticed that since I started doing that my stomach has shrunk and I can't eat nearly as much. I actually can't allow myself to be hungry so if I even feel remotely hungry I eat. I eat healthy but not always low calorie.
So I am now ready to start counting those calories. I had NO idea how many calories were in things until now. Wow somethings are Sooooooo high and others are really low. Like one of my favorite things to eat is avocados... bad no, no food... well high calorie anyway, good for you but I have to be careful of how much I eat. And another one of my favorites is mushrooms and it is low calorie but not a lot of nutrients in them...

So I am on a new adventure... a food one... probably why I haven't posted pictures that I have taken in a while. I am still taking them but the food thing is still consuming my world... for now.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just for Fun

This is my mom. She was soooo cute... so does she remind any of my kids of their kids?

How about me? does this look like any of the grand kids?

And here I am... There are only a few pictures of me when I was really little.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Mande!!

Happy Birthday Mande!
She was born after a very loooonnnnngggg pregnancy. I was on bed rest for a couple of months and that wasn't easy with 4 other little ones, then she came 2 weeks late and I had to be induced. I remember how HAPPY I was when they announced she was a girl! I wanted her to be a girl soooo badly! Lindsay was as happy as I was for her to have a little SISTER! She was only 4 but carried her around and made sure she was ok.

Isn't she a little doll!!

Mande often hung out with Lindsay and her friends as she grew up!

Mande liked the crazzzy rides!

she was such a little doll!

she did flag in school and was really good at it!

she got an award for her music, I have always been so proud of all her accomplishments!

I LOVE this picture... poor little Tate... squish!

I just want to wish my beautiful little girl a very happy birthday!!! Now she is all grown up and and two adorable little ones of her own!! She was always a fantastic big sister to Joseph and I picture her being just as good a mommy as she was a sister!!
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

sorry I am sooo slow!

Here is a darling baby girl... I LOVE pink!!!

She is such a darling baby!! Congrats Stephanie!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter is on it's Way

So it must be time to break out the Easter Basket full of baby.
Bryce and Abby came over for pictures... I LOVE their outfits!!

Lindsay found this little sailor dress at Burlington's Coat Factory and I HAD to get it for Abby!

I saved my favorite for last... Thanks Ashly for bringing the kids over so I could get pictures of them!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Lindsay and Bryan have these two friends they always talk about... now I got to meet them. Yup, they are just as nice as I expected!! It was fun to take their picture!

they love little Kooper and wanted a picture with him.