Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loosing wieght

I am still loosing. I have lost a total of 24 lbs. Yea me!! Some days it seems so slow but I look back and it really is coming off just right. I am so happy when a loose a new pound!

I have been buying clothes lately because I am being able to wear a size 14 again. Some 14's are still too tight but I fit snugly in most. It is fun not to HAVE to wear an 18 any more!!!

I am even getting used to eating right. I am doing better emotionally with it most of the time too. Being able to buy new (smaller) clothes has really helped.

I have been working at getting my house and yard cleaned up too. It seems the days I don't exercise but really work hard in and outside of my house I burn the most calories. Hows that loose weight AND get a clean house and yard!

Just a few more days until Zach, Manda and the boys come back to Arizona for a short visit, I can't wait!! I am so excited!!!

I got some other good news yesterday, Brent and I are going with our boss and his wife to Pittsburgh later this month! I love to travel and see new things and I am so excited to get more pictures for my I love this beautiful world our Heavenly Father gave us collection!!!!


Amy said...

Wow, 24 pounds!? That's awesome!

Lindsay said...

Way to go mom! I know you are going to get to your goal and stay there!

Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm sure glad that you're loosing weight! Thank you.

You look Great!

Shelly said...

Hey I was wondering if you could take some family photos for us? Will be in AZ for thanksgiving and Christmas, if you are unable to I understand just let me know thanks!(: Oh and congrats on the weight loss.