Friday, January 30, 2009

My Poor Baby

Lindsay is more miserable than ever. Baby has dropped and now she can't hardly even pick up her feet to walk. She was already miserable but now it is just pure agony. She came over today asking for maternity pictures while she can still move some. She could only stand up for a few pictures at a time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just ONE... but boy is it cute!

This cute little dirty faced imp was wanting to go out by the street so his mommy kept him close to her and entertained by just giving him a few drops of water at a time!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been reading all about HOW to use my camera and it all seems more complicated that it probably needs to be. So I took a little time to practice. Nothing great, I just stayed within the walls of my yard... or fence.
Meanwhile Joseph rode his bike and drew on our walkway.

I have a very pokey yard with pokey stuff.

I do have this strange flowering plant that photographs nicely.

And lots of cactus.
Practicing has actually been fun. I am going to get a book on exposure this week and it has some fun assignments in it, so you will be seeing much more of my yard in the future. Anyone want to come play and learn more with me?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Lindsay

Ok... here is the one you asked for.

Chase's feet crack me up in this one... such a ham!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day Another Photo

I need way more practice and the more practice I get the more I can see I need. Today was almost a wash except for a few. I couldn't believe how bad my pictures turned out. I was tired and frustrated. Granted we went out late morning and the light was way too strong. I guess I will have to go out a lot more often!!
this was a very UNWANTED but very well TOLERATED kiss. Jocelyn LOVES to kiss Joseph but he very much dislikes being kissed by her.
I have a very BEAUTIFUL daughter. She glows when she isn't completely miserable in this pregnancy... Lindsay, I love you!!
We took pictures outside the Mesa Temple today and then Lindsay suggested that we go into the visitor center... great idea... love this shot!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What NOT To Do

While heating milk...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am a Big Baby

I should have been a man for as whiny as I feel about being sick.

Brent called home yesterday to see how I was feeling and he offered to write down everything I was complaining about... no thanks... just give sympathy.

I just want to feel better so I can take pictures and photoshop and have fun again. I would even settle for sleep. I went to bed around 1:30 am which is okay but I woke up and thought it was the middle of the night, so I would be able to go back to sleep after an hour or so but NO... it was 6:30 am and there is no way I will get back to sleep before my little toad wakes up... hence I need to be up and happy... argh...

I can almost handle everything else I am feeling but every time I swallow my right ear and throat kill me... well not KILL me but they really hurt and I am being a man about all of this, remember.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Before...

I decided to die... or wished I could. Brendl cut Lindsay's kids hair... they look so cute! So I took their pictures right before we left to take the kids to school and do a little shopping for baby showers Lindsay and I had. While we were gone I got what ever is going around and it hit me like a Mac truck!! or two of them!

I still haven't had a chance to play with my new light... other than what I have posted. I want to play!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Brain Hurts

I love my new camera and today I got a new light, so now I have 2 lights and can take pictures even at night and in dark places, like the church.... yea!

My camera is still a mystery to me and my new light is way beyond what I know how to do. I will need lots of victims to practice on so I can learn how to use the two of them together really well and be consistent. I took 60 pictures tonight and this was my fav. Unfortunately having two lights make the glasses glare problem twice as bad, not that was my real problem. I am sure with practice this will become natural and I will figure it out.

Oh, I got a new background paper... Cinnamon... LOVE IT!

I also really love this one in Black and White! wooo hooo!

I actually don't mind too much my brain hurting... hopefully it is growing!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Had a Play Date

With my camera!!

I spent the morning proofing Josh's family pictures and Joseph asked to go outside to ride his bike... so my camera and I went out to play.

Joseph was irritated with me because I had to get a picture of the horn he had on his old bike that he put on his new bike by himself, before he got to ride it.

This one is for Lindsay... a perfect world for her would be full of polka dots. It is actually a very close up of a Discount Tire chair I have.

I have never been any good at taking pictures of plants and flowers... I love to take pictures of them but I usually take about fifty pictures and if I am lucky one is useable.

So off I went taking picture of any random plant I could find.

As always I am amazed at my camera... this is a very tiny crop from a whole bunch of leaves.

Something similar to this one.

this was part of a cactus. I am thinking about color more and wanting to use it to express myself... not that this one means anything.

While I was just hanging around taking pictures I was sitting on my neighbors porch and decided to practice on her silk flowers.

Lindsay loves daises too.

While I was playing with my new bff camera, Joseph was playing hide n go seek with his friends.

When the kids came over to my house one of the friends asked when I was going to take down my Christmas lights or if I was just going to keep them up forever. So camera in hand, I thought that's a cool shot...

or two...
or three.

Then there was the box sitting next to my chair... hmmm... kinda cool.

Joseph was busy playing but did stop from time to time for me to take a picture or two or twenty.

He was really aggravated I kept telling him to hold still... then when he saw the picture he smiled because he thought it was really cool I only took his nose and lips.

Not only are the lights still up but so are the other out door decorations.

So Santa stood really still too so I could get a shot of him also.

Sorry for the picture overload... I had a lot of fun! And I have probably 50 more I didn't put on here... aren't you glad!

Josh's Family Pictures

I took Josh's family's pictures on New Years Day. Ashly wanted to have pictures of them with Josh in his uniform. I am glad we did. My only regret was that I used my 24-70 lens instead of a prime lens... darn. The images across the board are a little soft. I don't know if there is something wrong with the lens or if it just doesn't like shooting outside. It is always tack sharp in studio light pictures.
Anyway, all and all I am happy with the pictures... couldn't pick a favorite if I tried but this one would be in the top 5. I love the emotion in their faces! He is so happy and peaceful just holding her and she is obviously not wanting the moment to end but knows he is leaving very early the next day.
Josh is sooooo much fun! I love that Bryce's hair was combed back for this one!

Seeing Abby looking up at her daddy as she often does just melts this grandma's heart away!!
Bryce was super cooperative and I got some good shots of him... loving this one.

I am not done editing family shots and this wasn't their best one but it is the one I randomly grabbed... sorry Ashly, I will finish the rest in the next couple of days. I am 3/4 of the way done editing.

I have several others posted on my flickr site.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I Am Feeling Sad

Josh has gone back to Florida. I am hoping his training starts up soon so he can move on and his family can live with him again!
Josh... I love you!